Terms of use and disclaimer

This tool has been drafted on the basis of research on LCC calculation and pollutant emissions as well as on procurement legislation and practices across Europe. However, no legal guarantee can be given by the authors and it is therefore recommended that any public authority seek additional legal advice on a case-by-case basis. The rules hereunder apply to the Tool.

  1. Use of the tool is free. ICLEI reserves the right to apply a fee for use at a later time.
  2. ICLEI strives to prevent interruptions due to technical errors. Moreover, some information may be created or structured in files and formats which are not without any error; we cannot guarantee that our service/tool will never be interrupted or affected by such technical problems.
  3. ICLEI does not accept any liability for problems or damage which are caused by the use of this tool or by the use of information/websites connected with this tool. This exclusion does not aim to limit the liability of ICLEI contrary to the conditions of the applicable German law, nor to exclude any liability which according to the applicable German law may not be excluded.
  4. Any conflict between the scope of this disclaimer and the applicable law, will result in the deletion or replacement of the offending provision, leaving the rest of the disclaimer intact.
  5. ICLEI shall make every effort to ensure that the services related to the Tool are provided with due care and shall provide all services on the basis of a best efforts obligation.
  6. ICLEI shall not guarantee that the Tool is free of defects and will operate without interruptions. ICLEI shall endeavour to fix any defects in the Tool within a reasonable period of time if and in so far as the Tool was developed by ICLEI itself and ICLEI has received detailed notification in writing of the defects in question. As and when necessary, ICLEI may postpone the fixing of defects until such time as a new version of the Tool is brought into use. ICLEI shall not guarantee that defects in the LCC Tool that was not developed by ICLEI itself will be fixed. ICLEI shall be entitled to install temporary solutions, program bypasses or problem-avoiding restrictions in the LCC Tool.
  7. ICLEI shall not be responsible for checking the accuracy and completeness of the results of the Tool and the data generated through the use of the Tool. The contracting authority itself shall regularly check the results of the Tool and the data generated through the use of the Tool.